Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Common Cruise Misconceptions:

Original Article by: Fran Golden
Over the years I've heard some interesting things expressed by people contemplating a first-time cruise. Even boarding cruise ships, I've had to giggle at some of the comments. Let's just say not everyone gets on a cruise ship confident they've made the right vacation choice.

So let me address three top misconceptions.

1.        I'm going to gain weight

You can eat four meals a day (or even five and six) on a cruise ship if you want to. Food is a constant – served in many venues, available at all hours. But a little willpower goes a long way. I typically start off well, splurge, and then end the cruise picking the healthy choice option, passing on desserts, and doing a lot of walking around and around the Promenade deck. On a good cruise, I break even.

2.        Cruising requires you to be formal

This may have been true if you were cruising in first class on the Titanic, but standards have gotten much more relaxed. You won't be able to wear shorts or flip-flops into most cruise ship dining rooms at dinner (some ban jeans too) but you can wear whatever you want to the casual buffet option. While men once wore tuxes and women gowns on formal nights, the term "formal" is now more akin to what you'd wear at any nice restaurant. Some lines including Windstar Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line never require you to dress up.

3.        I'm going to be bored

It's true when you are on a cruise ship at sea you aren't required to do anything. It is not true that there is nothing to do. There are constant activities day and night. On a recent Holland America Line cruise in Alaska, during a one-hour afternoon time slot, I could have: played bocce ball, gone to a sidewalk sale, taken an acupuncture seminar, learned some new computer skills, taken a Pilates class, participated in a slots tournament, taken a dance class or sat by the pool. Finding time to nap is the real issue.

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